TrioClear Hands-On Workshop

TrioClear Hands-On Workshop

An online, hands-on, live and clinician-led course for the TrioClear™ Clear Aligner System.

The workshop is perfect for any dentist who is considering changing their clear aligner provider or is interested in providing a clear aligner therapy in their practice.

During this event, our TrioClear clinical advisor and orthodontist, Dr Marie-Pierre Moulin-Romsee LTH, will:

  • Explain the key benefits of using the TrioClear aligner system.
  • Provide case specific advice and tips to help you achieve better outcomes for your patients.
  • Lead a hands-on session aimed at improving IPR and Attachment placement technique.

Further information:

  • Instructor: Dr Marie-Pierre Moulin-Romsee LTH
  • Cost: £50 / €75
  • This course represents 2.5 hours of verifiable Continuing Professional Development.

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