The TrioClear™ Online Certification Course<br />*LIMITED OFFER* £99 / €99<br />(On-Demand)

The TrioClear™ Online Certification Course
*LIMITED OFFER* £99 / €99

The TrioClear™ Online Certification Course
*LIMITED OFFER* £99 / €99

An online, on-demand, hands-on and clinician-led Clear Aligner Certification Course.




  • Format: Two on-demand webinars (one theory and one hands-on). A practice kit will be courier delivered to you and this is used in combination with the hands-on webinar.
  • Demonstrators: Dr Marie-Pierre Moulin-Romsee and Mr Mauad Massali.
  • Course Fee: £150 / €175 (including V.A.T). *LIMITED TIME OFFER* £99 / €99
  • Course Length: 1.5 hours.
  • CPD: This course represents 1.5 hours of verifiable Continuing Professional Development.


Upon attending the TrioClear™ Online Certification Course, you will have furthered your understanding of the following key areas:

  • How to best manage a clear aligner treatment at the patient interface.
  • How to troubleshoot common problems experienced during a clear aligner treatment.
  • Hands-On Experience – Interproximal Reduction (IPR) and Orthodontic Attachment Placement techniques to support a clear aligner treatment plan.

TrioClear™ is a worldwide and innovative clear aligner system that has treated over 15,000 patients to date and has a clinician positive feedback rating of 93%.

Offering a unique and comfortable progressive force concept, TrioClear™ aligners also incorporate increased gingival coverage; are manufactured with a state-of-the-art triple layered material and require fewer attachments.

The TrioClear™ Online Certification Course (On-Demand) is recommended to all dentists who are prescribing the TrioClear™ clear aligner system to their patients. It is designed and demonstrated by Dr Marie-Pierre Moulin-Romsee who is the TrioClear™ Clinical Lead and Orthodontist who has many years of experience in both technically and clinically managing clear aligner treatments.

The goal of this course is to further your experience with managing clear aligner treatments at the patient interface. Furthermore, the course provides hands-on experience to improve your ability in performing interproximal reduction (IPR) and attachment placement.


Registration Process:

Registration – To register for this course please complete the below form with your details. The address provided here will be the location where your practice kit will be courier delivered to.

Payment – Upon registration, you will receive an email that will explain how you can complete your payment for the course (£150 / €175). *LIMITED TIME OFFER* £99 / €99

Course Contents – Once payment has been received by our Accounts Team, you will receive the two course webinars by email and the practice kit will be sent out for delivery.

Meet the Demonstrators:

Dr Marie-Pierre Moulin-Romsee LTH
TrioClearTM Clinical Lead (Europe)

Dr Moulin-Romsee graduated as a dentist in 1996 at the Catholic University of Leuven. After a specialisation in orthodontics, she started her own ortho clinic in Belgium. In 2017 she was also active as an internship supervisor at the Catholic University Leuven Dental Department.

In the meantime, she followed different certification courses and congresses on aligner therapy, and she became a specialist in this type of orthodontic treatment. With this experience she started at Modern Dental Europe in 2021 as the TrioClear™ Clinical Lead and assists dental professionals across Europe. She is responsible for the education, clinical support and product development of the TrioClear™ Clear Aligner System.

Mr Mauad Massali
TrioClearTM Product Specialist

Mauad holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management Studies from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

In 2017, he started working at Billet Orthodontics (Rotterdam), an Orthodontic dental practice. Here, Mauad was trained and gathered various certifications in both fixed and clear aligner therapy . After a few years, he started working independently, training and supervising dental professionals while they managed their own clear aligner cases.

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