MEDIT Intraoral Scanners (IOS)

MEDIT Intraoral Scanners (IOS)

As a digitally advanced laboratory, SCD understands the importance of helping our dentists go digital

Medit is at the forefront of facilitating a dentist’s transition into digital dentistry and creates products beyond their imagination. Their intraoral scanners are a combination of advanced scanning technology with 20 years of engineering know-how and is designed specifically to improve your patient’s experience.

SCD  have been a distributor for the Medit range of intraoral scanners since 2019 and provide a full package to support your purchase including a high-spec laptop, installation support, training and after-sales care.

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Medit IOS Range:

Dentistry at your finger tips

Unleash your clinic’s potential

Magic made easy with a simple touch

Medit Link

Medit Link is a fully open system for you. Scan with free intelligent features and apps specialised for your dental procedures. Improve the consultation experience for your patient by providing better treatment options. Enhance your communication with dental labs through a real-time cloud-based system.

Medit is one of the fastest developing companies in the industry to provide software upgrades. Users can get a renewed scanner with improved performance and new features through software upgrades alone.

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Use Medit Scan Data

For a wide range of applications… Your Medit Link open system enables you to use your scan data for all kinds of workflows, with any software that allows the import STL, PLY and OBJ files.

Full and partial dentures | Orthodontics | Implant surgical guides | Sleep apnea
devices | Dental Models | 3D printing… and many more!

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Plug & Scan

When you order a Medit through SCD, a high-performance laptop will be included in your order. This laptop will be provided with the correct software. No IT specialist is required to start working with the intraoral scanner; upon receiving the scanner, you can start scanning right away.

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