Flexible resin partial prostheses

Flexible resin partial prostheses

Flexible resin partial prostheses

Flexibility, Transparency and Retention

The flexible partial denture, with the base made of thermoplastic Vertex™ ThermoSens material is very light and pliable and offers the patient an ideal solution for daily use that combines flexibility, transparency and retention.

A partial prothesis, with a base made from thermoplastic Vertex™ ThermoSens, offers patients an excellent solution that combines flexibility, transparency and strength.


A flexible partial prosthesis is light and pliable. This makes the prosthesis suitable for covering anatomical structures in undercuts that cannot be covered by prosthesis bases manufactured from conventional synthetic resin.

image 86

Colour choice

Due to the high transparency, the synthetic resin is less noticeable than a traditional prosthesis base. With the three available colours: Pink, Medium, and Dark. Every patient can find a suitable base colour that, even anteriorly, adapts very well to the mucosa.

Because of this, the ThermoSens material can also be used as a gum coloured anchor (Img. 1). If you do not select a preferred base colour on the order form, the ThermoSens partial prosthesis will automatically be manufactured in the base colour.

The clasps can also be manufactured from transparent or tooth-coloured
Vertex™ ThermoSense anchors.

Image 84


ThermoSens partial prostheses are especially suitable as both temporary and immediate prostheses. They are also suitable as temporary prostheses for implant treatments. ThermoSens prostheses are suitable as a permanent solution, as well.

Image 95

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