TrioClear™ Education

TrioClear™ Education

TrioClear™ Education

e-Learning Platform

Certification Course

e-Learning Platform

  • Six detailed modules
  • Case selection
  • Treatment problem solving
  • Receive a prestigious certificate

Certification Course

Discover essential skills in:

  • Treatment monitoring
  • Problem solving
  • Practical techniques.


Wondering how to upgrade your skills and knowledge?

Discover our E-Learning Program with six detailed modules covering everything from case selection to treatment problem solving. Best of all – after completing and passing the final assessment, you will receive a prestigious certificate to showcase your expertise in TrioClear™
treatments. Don’t wait any longer to take your dental practice to the next level.

Expand your knowledge of aligner therapy with our comprehensive e-learning, consisting of 6 interesting modules and a final exam. After successful completion of the e-learning modules and a positive evaluation, you will receive a certificate demonstrating your knowledge of orthodontic practices and TrioClear™ treatments.

Basic Module: Basics of Orthodontics
– Refresh your knowledge with this module, laying a strong foundation for orthodontic skills.

Module 1: Case Selection and Assessment
– Master the art of case selection and effective documentation of orthodontic treatments.

Module 2: Steps for TrioClear™ Case Submission
– Learn the steps for case submitting a TrioClear™ case and perfect your treatment approach.

Module 3: Placing Aligners and Follow-up Consultations
– Gain insights into the precise steps for correctly placing aligners and conducting effective follow-up consultations. What should you tell during the consultations?

Module 4: Troubleshooting During Treatment
– Develop skills to expertly address any challenges that may arise during the treatment process.

Module 5: Final Steps, Refinements + Retention
– Hone your expertise with the final treatment trajectories and retention procedures.

Assessment: Test Your Expertise and Earn Recognition!
– Successfully complete the assessment, and you’ll not only gain invaluable knowledge but also earn a certificate, proving your proficiency in orthodontics and TrioClear™ treatments. Ready to showcase your expertise?

This e-learning provides an in-depth understanding of orthodontic practices, preparing you for success in the TrioClear™ treatment world.

Enjoy the learning journey and best of luck in reaching new heights in orthodontic excellence!

Certification course

Want to expand your skills and improve outcomes for your patients?

Discover essential skills in treatment monitoring, problem solving and practical techniques.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginner in orthodontics, this course provides invaluable insights to achieve excellence in clear aligner treatments.


Join our course and discover the art of working with aligners. We will provide you with everything you need to know to become an aligner treatment specialist, from monitoring your treatments to troubleshooting and retention – including the practical part.

In the workshop, you will learn how to read the treatment schedule in relation to the IPR and perform this reduction correctly and what tools are available on the market to do this efficiently. Another measure is the placement of the planned attachments. These are composite aids on the tooth surface that provide additional and specific forces for more complex movements of the teeth.

This is what you will learn:

  • How do you keep track of your treatment progress?
  • Simple solutions for troubleshooting
  • Easy-to-use troubleshooting techniques
  • Tips for maintaining your results
  • Step-by-step instructions for placing attachments and performing IPR with our special training kit

All of these important topics are included in our comprehensive TrioClear™ certification course. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of aligner therapy or start fresh with certification, we’ve got you covered.

What does the training package include?

Your certification journey includes access to certification and hands-on training videos and, of course, the most important training materials. You’ll also receive a certificate to prove your expertise! Increase your expertise and embark on the journey to becoming a clear aligner master with TrioClear™.

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