Digital Diagnostics

Digital Diagnostics

SCDView and SCD Smile Design offer the patient a visual, digital demonstration of the end result.

We understand the importance of innovation, embracing new technologies and adapting to changes in the dental industry. As an early adopter of digital dentistry, we have the experience to be your digital expert, leading you into the new digital era.

SCD View

Not every patient is suitable for an extensive smile design analysis. SCD View offers you a digital diagnostic wax-up, which has the benefit of digital workflow at a competitive price.


scd view3

SCD View Workflow

You make an analogue or digital impression of the patient. You will receive a STL design by email. After your approval we will print the model and make a putty matrix. After placing the putty matrix into the mouth with provisional crown and bridge material, the patient will see the result of their treatment. This set-up also allows you to prepare with a minimally invasive preparation.

scd view6

SCD Smile Design

With Smile Design an ideal design will be made based on a facial and dental analysis. This gives your patient a visual proposal of the final result. You can also use the smile design to discuss a multidisciplinary approach with colleagues.

scd view2

SCD Smile Design Workflow

Send the analogue or digital impression to SCD, on the order form indicate whether it concerns the upper and/or lower jaw and the desired aesthetic result. Then send the pictures of the patient by e-mail to

scd view5

Treatment plan for the patient

  • Take an impression
  • Then take 3 pictures based on the photo protocol of SCD.
  • When we receive your impression an SCD design will be sent to you within a few working days.
  • You can review the design and make adjustment where necessary.

After agreeing to the design, we will print the model and make a putty mould. This putty-mould can be placed in the mouth with synthetic resin. Your patient can then visualize the aesthetic end result.

Image 16

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