Affordable Abutment and Framework Solutions

Our Digitek® milling centre serves dental practitioners around the world. The engineers who work here have expanded their knowledge of the various implant systems over the past few years with advanced techniques and capabilities.

Abutment Solutions:

Digitek® provides a comprehensive range of high-quality CAD/CAM seamless abutments for customized, screw and cement retained restorative solutions for all major dental implant systems. These customized abutments are machined with CE approved high strength material and can satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs of every patient case. Grade 4 or Grade 5 Titanium available.

Framework Solutions:

Digitek® dental implant frameworks are compatible with all major implant systems and match a wide variety of implant and abutment connections. With our high-precision fully customized metal or zirconia framework, we will ensure a perfect connection to your fixed or removable restoration. Grade 4 or Grade 5 Titanium available.

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The implementation and adherence to quality management systems plays an important role in the delivery to all countries worldwide. Digitek product always comes with a Medical Device QMS including ISO 13485:2012 and ISO 9001:2008. This ensures the quality of the product produced for you is 100 percent guaranteed.

Digitek products are manufactured by industrial milling machines of high-precision quality.

Throughout the process, we use highly accurate equipment to deliver the best possible consistency.

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Anodizing is a treatment method of titanium, by an electrochemical process forms a protective oxide layer on the material. A special feature of anodizing is that no additional layer is applied to the titanium; the ‘skin’ of oxide is built up from the existing titanium. The oxide layer is thus fully integrated into the material and forms a strong molecular bond.

Digitek® offer anodization at no additional cost on request to support your patient case.

Anodizing has many advantages:

  • Warm tooth-coloured translucency at the level of the gums. Especially in a case with thin biotype.
  • Restoration in the aesthetic zone.
  • Protection against grey oxidation.
  • Hard and wear-resistant surface layer against corrosion.
  • Unchanged dimension due to limited thickness: +/- 100
  • Increased biocompatibility and BIC index.
  • Added value without any additional cost.
  • Digitek individual abutments are designed and optimized in terms of their:
  • Gingival height.
  • Emergence profile.
  • Position of the crown margin.
  • Ideal crown restoration and support thanks to perfect anatomical design.
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