Multi Axial Abutment (MTX™)

Multi Axial Abutment (MTX™)

Multi Axial Abutment (MTX™)

Angulated Screw Channel Technology

The screw channel of screw-retained restorations is not always in the perfect position to achieve aesthetically pleasing results.

Our Multi-Axial (MTX) Technology enables dentists to rectify angulation issues by offering freedom of movement from 0° to 25° from the implant axis.

This allows some cases that would not have been possible to screw retain, particularly in the maxillary anterior region due to aesthetic requirements, to be screw-retained without compromising aesthetics.

With MTX, the screw channel can be placed aesthetically on the palatal side, eliminating the traditional reliance on cement retention in these cases, and the potential associated periodontal issues with residual cement.

The MTXTM abutment is available in Titanium and Cobalt Chrome.

Hexagon-shaped screwdriver

A Multi Axial Abutment (MTXTM) comes with a hexalobular screwdriver (24 mm in length), allowing for a correction of the screw head to an angle of up to 25⁰.

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Available abutments:

1) Full-ceramic restoration on MTX abutment

Full ceramic-based restorations are available with MTX abutment. This allows the whole prosthesis to be made of ceramic material (except the small titanium base connection), resulting in maximum aesthetics.

2) MTX abutment with titanium or cobalt-chrome case

The entire MTX can be precisely milled with titanium or cobalt-chrome and finished with layered porcelain.

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