Precision Attachments

Precision Attachments

Precision Attachments

Improving Comfort and Support

Precision attachments can be used in a variety of applications but are designed principally to minimise the load on abutment teeth and to support stabilise overdentures.

Intra-Coronal Attachments

These attachments are housed within the crown or root structure of a natural tooth. Intradental attachments can be further classified into two groups indicating the type of retentive mechanism used to unite the parts.

They are:

  • Frictional, with designs having tapered and parallel walled boxes and tubes, adjustable metal plates, springs, studs or locks.
  • Magnetic.
Intra Coronal Attachments

Extra-Coronal Attachments

This class of attachment devices may be divided into two groups:

  • Cantilever (which can be rigid or mobile) – e.g. CEKA and VKS (Bredent)
  • Bar attachments.
Extra Coronal Attachments

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