EVO Fusion Dentures

Traditional clinical protocol, digital manufacturing accuracy

Why an EVO Fusion Denture?

With the EVO Fusion prosthesis, you complement your already existing clinical protocol with a professional digital manufacturing process. This has the advantage of reducing the number of appointments required and providing you with predictable results and reliable precision.

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Clinical Protocol

  • This remains unchanged from your normal clinical procedures (conventional impressions and bite registration).
  • Conventional impressions are digitised by the laboratory in order to progress into a digital manufacturing workflow.
evo fusion protocol

Innovative manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art materials

The individually designed teeth are milled from high-strength multilayer discs. The custom designed pink base is precisely milled from breakage-resistant material.

Both components are bonded by experienced dental technicians.

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Only the laboratory processes are digital. This means the prosthesis is predictable, accurate, consistent and reproducible.

  • By using high-quality materials and eliminating processing errors and avoiding EVO Fusion prosthetics have a significantly improved fit.
  • For reproducibility of the prosthesis, patient-specific digital data is automatically stored. This means that an identical, replacement prosthesis can be created quickly and easily.
  • Fewer appointments may be required for a better result.
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5 Evo Fusion Options:

EVO Fusion Full Denture

EVO Fusion Twin
An upgraded copy of the pre-existing prosthesis

EVO Fusion Immediate
A digitally manufactured prosthesis based on scan data

EVO Fusion Partial Denture
Precise fit and connection

EVO Fusion Overdenture
To treat a severely resorbed processus in your edentulous patients

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