Composite Injection Technique (F.I.T.)

Composite Injection Technique (F.I.T.)

Composite Injection Technique (F.I.T.)

A biomimetic solution treating tooth surface loss / tooth wear and trauma cases using an efficient workflow to improve aesthetics and function.

The Composite Forma®-Injection Technique (F.I.T.) is a unique solution to treat tooth surface loss in a quick, easy, predictable and efficient way. In this no-prep technique, a direct flowable micro-filled resin hybrid composite is used to achieve a perfect, total rehabilitation.

The composition of direct composite materials has recently undergone a spectacular development, resulting in an optimisation of both aesthetic and physical properties. Nowadays, direct composites are being ordered as a flowable, injectable consistency which, thanks to nanotechnology, equals the physical properties of paste-composites. These injectable composites are wear-resistant, possess an adequate viscosity, with little shrinkage, and proper gloss retention. In other words: these composites can be used as a long term or final restoration.

SCD run an on-demand, online, hands-on, and clinician-led course to ensure you are fully trained before using F.I.T. in your clinical practice. Click here to register

How do you treat patients with tooth wear?

Treatment options on offer currently come with indirect solutions and a wide selection of available materials. This scenario demands tooth preparation and is not always feasible for every patient.

At SCD, we aspire to provide solutions and now presents an alternative treatment option: the Composite Forma® Injection Technique, or F.I.T.

The main advantage of this technique is that restorations are first designed using the SCD View diagnostic tool and then copied and transferred in detail to the natural teeth. For complex morphologies, challenging aesthetic cases or cases requiring reestablishment of the occlusal vertical dimension, a predictable result can be obtained and chair time reduced with this relatively simple procedure.

The F.I.T. Workflow:

Phase 1 – Patient Presentation and SCDView Planning

The initial presentation of this case showed wear and erosion and therefore it is suitable for the SCD composite injection technique (F.I.T.).

Conventional impressions or intraoral scans of both arches with a bite registration, patient images, shade and a definition of the desired outcome will all be used to create a digital wax-up for your assessment.

Composite Injection Technique option1 1

Phase 2 (Optional) – Try-in with putty mould and synthetic teeth resin

During the second phase, an optional TEMPSMART DC mock-up is provided for evaluation and further refinement if required.

Image 109

Phase 3 – Composite Injection and Finishing

SCD will provide you with a full package containing everything required to complete the composite injection (F.I.T.) procedure. This includes the correct volume of G-ænial Universal Injectable composite at the desired shade.

The injection phase is a step-by-step procedure. Afterwards, the restoration is polymerised, finished, and polished to ensure gloss retention over time.

Composite Injection Technique option3 2



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