3Shape TRIOS 5 Wireless

3Shape TRIOS 5 Wireless

3Shape TRIOS 5 Wireless

As a digitally advanced laboratory, SCD understands the importance of helping our dentists go digital!

Step into the world of digital dentistry with 3Shape TRIOS® and discover a long list of opportunities. Opportunities that surpass a faster, easier and more comfortable way to take impressions.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage and counsel your patients even more. To expand your expertise with new treatment options, in more cost-effective ways of taking care of your patients and business. It comes with the peace-of-mind you experience with a proven product that tens of thousands of dentists use successfully every day. And, with the support of a company that started the digital dentistry revolution over 20 years ago.

3Shape TRIOS. Better for them. Better for you.

SCD are an approved distributor of the 3Shape TRIOS 5 Wireless intraoral scanner since and provide a full package to support your purchase including a high-spec laptop, installation support, training and after-sales care if required. You can request a 1-1 demonstration with one of our digital specialist by clicking on the link below. 

The 3Shape TRIOS 5 Wireless

Intelligent. The ultimate TRIOS.

This is the scanner that sets a new standard in patient protection and infection control.
It is not only hygienic by design, but also smaller, lighter, and designed to fit perfectly in every hand.
On top of that, it comes with our new ScanAssist engine for perfect scan results, and TRIOS Share, for ultimate connectivity.
Simply hygienic. Simply ergonomic. Simply effortless. Simply TRIOS 5!

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