Conventional Impressions

Choose quality impression materials, rigid trays and package them securely.

Please follow the following process when sending conventional impressions to SCD:

Note – We offer a free of charge courier collection and delivery service. However, if you prefer to send your conventional impressions by 1st class Royal Mail you can do this at no charge by using one of the below Free Post Labels:

Impression Taking Advice:

The art and science of taking impressions or scans, with their multiple interrelated steps, has many areas where potential discrepancies may be introduced.

A lack of fit most often results from inaccuracies in the impression, some of which may be difficult to detect chairside at the time of record taking.

Use impression materials with excellent tear resistance, suitable viscosities and shelf lives in order to produce optimal outcomes. For example, Polyvinyl siloxane (PVS).

Features of a Good Impression:

  • Rigid sturdy impression tray.
  • Tray adhesive applied thoroughly (when required).
  • Uniform homogenous mix.
  • Strong bond between impression material and tray.
  • No tooth contact with the tray.
  • String bond between heavy-body and light-body materials.
  • No voids or pulls on margin, axial walls or occlusal table.
  • All margins and axial walls are in light-body material – no ‘burn-through” of the heavy-body material.
  • All margins show clear detail with no tears, voids or rough surfaces.

We would encourage you to submit your cases online (via IRIS) but our traditional laboratory forms can be accessed here:

Crown and Bridgework Lab Form

Implant Retained Prostheses Lab Form

Removable Prosthodontics Lab Form

Composite F.I.T. Lab Form

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