Implant-Retained Overdentures

Overdentures supported by and attached to implants




  • Easier access for hygiene by patient.
  • More tissue support to help the implants and share load in cases with more limited implants or bone.
  • Repairablility procedure is generally simpler.
  • Generally more soft tissue contour when needed.


  • Maintenance of attachments and clips.
  • Less natural feel and less secure than fixed implant-retained prostheses.
  • Greater tissue coverage.

Implant-retained overdentures are a simple and cost-effective option for many patients. Implant-supported overdentures greatly assist retention, particularly in the mandibular arch.

Below are our main options to retain implant-supported overdentures:

Locator-retained or ball attachment overdenture

ZEST Anchors’ self-aligned LOCATOR overdenture attachments are designed with
customisable levels of retention and a low vertical profile for implants, bars and roots

Image 52

Bar and clip-retained overdenture

Available in resilient (maximum two implants) forms. Resilient connections are most often used in mandibular applications and are both implant and tissue-borne. Rigid bar retained overdentures are commonly used in the maxilla and are implant-borne only.

image 51

Primary bar with secondary casting

Contains additional devices to improve and assist retention.

Image 50light

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