TrioClear™ Accessories

TrioClear™ Accessories

TrioClear™ Accessories

Align, Bleach and Repair

TrioClear™ Clear Aligner System – designed for modern dentists


When and why should a dentist offer a patient an aligner? Our answer is very clear. Whenever you are faced with one of these indications: pre-restorative cases and functional or aesthetic improvements. TrioClear™ and our Align-Restore philosophy offer you an easy-to-use solution for dentist and patient. You can do this by minimising invasiveness, improving aesthetics and optimising tooth function.

With our extensive expertise and focus on minimally invasive treatments, excellent aesthetics and predictable results, we are committed to ensuring that high-quality digital dentistry remains accessible and affordable for a wide range of patients. In addition to our stated goal of delivering high-quality digital dentistry, we attach great importance to sustainability and the careful use of resources.

Why is minimally invasive so important?

Our minimally invasive approach can help preserve tooth structure more effectively, while preserving the natural appearance and functionality of the teeth and providing longer-lasting results.

We stand for minimally invasive procedures with the lowest biological price. The focus is on removing as little healthy tooth structure as possible and instead using our digital solutions, such as the TrioClear™ aligner.

Why work with us?

Our focus is on the synergy of pre-restorative aligner treatments with prosthetic procedures to achieve optimal results.

With our experience in processing 500,000 prosthetic cases per year, we have established ourselves as a leading Align-Restore competency for dentists.

Our emphasis is on using advanced digital workflows that combine aligner and prosthetic treatments to achieve remarkable improvements in predictable clinical outcomes.

By minimising invasiveness, improving aesthetics and optimising dental function, TrioClear™ aims to transform the landscape of dental care.

Introducing the TrioClear™ App

The TrioClear™ App is a comprehensive tool designed to improve orthodontic practice management. It allows dentists to effortlessly track patient cases, share treatment plans and capture high-quality photos directly within the app.

This streamlines communication and coordination between orthodontic teams, ensures consistency in documentation and facilitates proactive monitoring of patient care. Ideal for modern dental practices, the TrioClear™ App is the key to optimising efficiency and improving patient outcomes.

Unique to TrioClear™ – CombiRetainer

Meet our innovative solution, the CombiRetainer , which combines the functionality of a night brace with that of a CC retainer.


  • Single Scan: Simplify the process with just one scanning session for both functionalities.
  • Double retention: Get the benefits of both a night brace and a CC retainer simultaneously, for comprehensive retention.
  • Easy Placement: The removable retainer acts as a placement aid, simplifying the placement process.

Experience convenience and effectiveness like never before with the CombiRetainer from TrioClear™.

The CombiRetainer can be ordered on the TrioClear™ platform.

iDesign 2.0 by TrioClear™

iDesign 2.0 is a state-of-the-art tool for dentists offering aligner therapy. This latest update introduces facial-based treatments with simulations based on facial scans , improved visualisation of root and bone structures, and precision in jaw alignment.

It features a Movement Difficulty Indicator to help plan and adjust tooth movements, as well as a comprehensive overview table for monitoring overbite and overjet. The instrument enables interactive and simultaneous multi-angle views of treatment simulations, improving patient engagement and treatment precision.

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