Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

We believe that ongoing professional education for all skill levels is invaluable, in this overview webinar on all our digital solutions we offer a pitch introduction on different new solutions.

It’s all about the possibility to discover, explore and learn on new digital techniques, strategies and solutions and get an update on what’s new.

If you want to know more and dive deeper into a specific solution, you can subscribe for a dedicated solution webinar afterwards.

We’re committed to providing high quality educational webinars that improve your knowledge of the best and most innovative modern dental practices.

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Our Speaker: Roeland De Paepe CDT

Roeland started his dental career at the KULeuven dental lab, in 1993.

Between 2000 and 2006 he worked as “Technical and Training Manager” for GC EUROPE and became a frequently asked speaker in more than 50 countries. From 2006 he led his own lab and remained a freelance trainer and KOL for GC.

In 2018 he joined GC as Product Manager. Since February 2020, Roeland is on board at Modern Dental Europe as Head of PM, responsible for the product portfolio and the implementation of new solutions.


Upon attending this webinar, you will discover, explore and learn more on these new digital solutions:

  • RAYFace
  • TrioClear™
  • F.I.T. Forma® Injection Technique
  • OptiCrown
  • Matrix®
  • All-On-X
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