RAYFace Integration with TrioClearTM  iDesign 2.0

RAYFace Integration with TrioClearTM iDesign 2.0

RAYFace Integration with TrioClearTM iDesign 2.0

TrioClear™ iDesign 2.0 with RAYFace integration

Discover the capabilities of RAYFace integration within the TrioClear™ platform. This advanced integration seamlessly combines 3D facial scanning technology with advanced treatment planning software, allowing you to visualise treatment results with precision.

With RAYFace, you capture accurate facial data from your patients in seconds. With this revolutionary tool, you can effortlessly create digital models of your patients’ faces, allowing you to create customised treatment plans for each individual. Integrating RAYFace into TrioClear™ gives you a comprehensive set of tools to streamline your workflow, from virtual treatment simulations to automated case analysis.

By integrating RAYFace into your practice, you are not only using technology – you are also investing in patient satisfaction. With lifelike simulations showing the smile after treatment, you can let your patients make informed decisions about their orthodontic treatment, resulting in enthusiastic, engaged patients.

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Get ready for some new features . These functions are necessary to make treatment as effective and personalised as possible. Watch the video about the new features here .

The iDesign 2.0 update is now available. One of its key features is the integration of RAYFace into TrioClear™ , allowing you to perform facial guided aligner treatments. You will receive a simulation based on your submitted facial scan, which is ideal for seeing what the final result will look like taking into account the patient’s full facial features.

When sending a CBCT file, TrioClear™ iDesign 2.0 provides root and bone visualisation . This can be done in combination with RAYFace or separately. You can see how the roots of each element change during treatment, a powerful tool that greatly contributes to pre-restorative alignment. By visualising bone structure, you can ensure safe movements and avoid excessive displacement.

Centerline and occlusal plane

Easily determine proper jaw alignment and ensure the center is parallel to the face.

The next characteristic is the Movement Difficulty Indicator (MDI) . You will now see a red dot and a yellow dot; If movement is less predictable with clear aligners, you may want to consider using assistive devices (such as attachments or elastics).

Experience unparalleled precision in tooth movement planning so that every tooth is precisely aligned. Seamlessly adjust tooth movement in multiple planes, easily accommodating complex dental corrections.

Address a wide range of orthodontic challenges with optimal results in all dimensions of tooth alignment. Visualise and analyse tooth movement dynamics in real time, gaining insights into treatment progress and possible adjustments.

Overbite and Overjet Table (OJ/OB)

A really useful tool that measures the overbite and overjet on the initial and original plan. Review initial and planned values ​​for accurate treatment tracking.

Combined view

Seamlessly view and interact with simulations from five different angles simultaneously. Gain comprehensive insights into the progress of the treatment and necessary adjustments.

Easily share treatment plans with customers via QR code.

Patients can easily view their plan from anywhere for greater engagement and understanding.

With TrioClear™’s new iDesign features, treatment planning and patient communication have never been more efficient and effective. Experience improved precision and convenience in clear aligner therapy like never before.

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