RAYFace – Speak to the Expert!

Book an online meeting with our digital consultant, Daniel, to answer any of your questions on the RAYFace.




  • Date & Time: A member of our team will contact you and arrange a time that suits you best.
  • Demonstrator: Mr Daniel Reaney (SCD Digital Consultant)


During this session, our digital consultant will demonstrate the following:

  • The key features of the RAYFace including the facial scanner itself and its accompanying software.
  • How the RAYFace captures and creates a 3D image of a patient’s face which highlights its speed and ease-of-use.
  • An overview of the workflow involved when combining the information captured by the RAYFace with either digital impressions (IOS) or CBCT data.

RAYFace sophisticated technology and innovative design bring a new level of efficiency, precision and comfort to the treatment process, providing patients and dental professionals with a life-changing experience.

SCD are an approved distributor of the RAYFace and provide a full package at a single price. This includes the RAYFace scanner, a high-spec laptop, installation support, training and after-sales support.

In this 30-minute demonstration, our Digital Specialist, Mr Daniel Reaney will provide an overview of the RAYFace at a date and time that suits you best.

Daniel will explain all of the key features and benefits of the RAYFace and this is a perfect solution to any dentist who wants to improve their patient diagnosis, treatment planning and communication.


Mr Daniel Reaney

Daniel is the SCD Digital Specialist and specialises in assisting dentists in their transition
from conventional to digital dentistry. Upon the purchase of any of our digital hardware solutions,
Daniel is there at every stage of the process from the initial set-up to training and eventually after-sales support.

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