Medit i600 Special Offer

Medit i600 Special Offer

Medit i600 Special Offer

Our Medit i600 End of Year Special Offer (2023) includes everything that a dentist needs to create digital impressions of their patients at a single price.

  • Medit i600 Intraoral Scanner
  • High-Spec Laptop
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Full Training (online)
  • After Sales Care

Medit i600

Medit is at the forefront of facilitating a dentist’s transition into digital dentistry and creates products beyond their imagination.

The Medit i600 is a highly accurate intraoral scanner that makes digital dentistry effortless. This accuracy is combined with a smooth scanning experience and outstanding software capabilities via MeditLink.

Our Medit i600 End of Year special offer at £8,699 / €9,999 represents a total discount of £3,300 / €4,000 (RRP) and includes High-Spec Laptop, 3 Years Warranty, Full Training with our dedicated digital specialist and after-sales care.

  • Medit i600 Key Features

  • Light
    245g featherweight with improved grip for comfort.

  • Smooth
    Improved speed and optimal scanned images deliver a smoother scanning experience. Smooth like silk, regardless of PC specs.

  • Accurate
    The digital workflow begins with accurate data. Medit i600 precisely acquires data for effortless digital dentistry. Full-arch accuracy: 10.9 μm ± 0.98

  • Vivid
    Transmits vivid scan data via the new optical system used in the Medit i700.

  • Easy
    From simple operation using one button to software programs that make scanning easier. The i600 is everything that makes digital dentistry so easy.

SCD  have been a distributor for the Medit range of intraoral scanners since 2019 and provide a full package to support your purchase including a high-spec laptop, installation support, training and after-sales care.

We are a dental laboratory that bring global expertise to local dentistry through the provision of fairly priced and high-quality laboratory products and services.

Over the last 20 years we have continuously improved our business to ensure that our service is reliable and that a dental professional can entrust us with what matters the most, their patient’s care.

We pride ourselves as a laboratory who offers novel solutions to manage many patient presentations. We are at the cutting-edge of the latest developments in digital dentistry and maintain close links to dentists, Universities and other laboratories worldwide which increases our pool of restorative expertise. Furthermore, we employ dentists who can offer peer-to-peer advice and provide support at the clinical/technical interface.

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